We stayed in Ridgway, Colorado on a mini farm for several nights while on our trip to see five National Parks. The mini farm was actually a farm of mini animals. miniature horses, goats, etc. The kids loved it! We were surrounded by numerous mountain ranges. As we were driving to the place we noticed this really nice wood fence that went alongside a property for miles on end. Come to find out, this fence ran 30 miles total. Justin remarked on how expensive a fence like that would be and how nice the acreage it was that it surrounded. We eventually saw a gate that said “Double RL Ranch”. I googled it on my phone and found that it was Ralph Lauren’s 16,000 acre ranch! The farm we were staying at was located within walking distance of Ralph Lauren’s property.

We checked into our accommodations and then got a tour of the property. They had guest houses, a Tepee, and a Yurt (a Mongolian style of home that has been around for thousands of years). We rented the guest house. Other people were renting the Tepee and Yurt while we were there. The farm was great entertainment for the kids. The couple that owns the property also had a playground on the property which was perfect for our kids to burn off some energy. I asked the owner about Ralph Lauren’s property and she said that before we arrived Ralph Lauren’s personal trainer had been renting our guest house. Look at us staying among the rich and famous…oh wait, I mean the staff for the rich and famous. It truly was an incredible property though. I would love to stay there again! Elizabeth found this property for us to rent on airbnb.com. Here is the link if you want to stay in the Ridgeway, CO area at a great place: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8775611?s=Ii1c_Xkc and if a Yurt is more your style, you can rent that here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8776535.  Below are some of the photos I took while we stayed at this property.

We did the Last Dollar Road trip while staying in Ridgway. This road is a dirt, gravel, VERY country road that goes about 18 miles through the mountains from Ridgway to Telluride. It is a scenic road indeed, as it goes through National forest lands. This road is considered a hidden gem in Colorado, but well worth finding. Here is what a Colorado website says about this road: http://www.colorado.com/articles/colorado-hidden-gem-last-dollar-road

“Last Dollar Road isn’t a once in a lifetime trip — it’s more like a three times in one-year necessity. Go during summer for lush greenery as far as the eye can see; again in the fall for unparalleled red, yellow and orange foliage; and in spring, when grassy fields are blanketed with alpine wildflowers.

When this road was a mining supply route in the 1800s, the workers probably weren’t too enthusiastic about its sharp turns and bumpy patches. But today, travelers have a whole different attitude. Thrill seekers (and confident drivers) boldly take on Last Dollar with enthusiasm.

Like the infamous Road to Hana in Hawaii, Last Dollar Road can be a bit of a challenge (even impassable after a heavy rain), but is completely worth the trek. Most off-road experts in the area would classify this road as a beginner to intermediate trail.”

We spent about 3 hours covering this 18 mile journey. It took us a while as we stopped for a number of photo opportunities and then a picnic. I would recommend driving a SUV, jeep, or 4-wheel vehicle of some sort on this scenic route, as it is rocky, dirt roads that cross small creeks and go over large rocks. We did see cars on the road, but it was a dry day. I suspect they may have been rental cars. You want to know the difference between a rental car and a hummer?….Nothing.

If you are ever in Telluride or Ridgway area and want to venture out on this road, here are directions to find the road, as found on https://www.telluride.com/last-dollar-road.

“Connecting Ridgway to Telluride, the road travels about 18 miles total. To access the turnoff: travel 12 miles west from Ridgway to Telluride on Highway 145, you’ll see a turn off on your left saying “Last Dollar Road.” After 5 miles on the gravel road, you’ll turn left and remain on Last Dollar Road and Road 58P (right will take you to the small neighboring town of Sawpit, CO).”

Here are the photos I took while on the Last Dollar Road adventure: