The Arches National Park (2)

The third National Park we visited on our recent adventure with the Perez Family was The Arches. We stayed in Moab for four days and three nights, which is great place to stay to visit two amazing National Parks. The Arches are located about 5 miles from Moab and The Canyonlands are about a 30 mile drive outside Moab. Because The Arches were so close we visited this Park several times while staying in Moab. I am a now a big fan of Moab. It is actually a small, quaint town, but it is a destination for adventurist from all over the country.

The National Park Service ( terms The Arches as “a red rock wonderland” as it has over 2,000 natural stone arches. This National Park has a scenic road that goes on for miles. On that road there are plenty of overlooks and places to pull off to take a hike or get a better view of some specific arches. We did some hiking at this Park. I liked taking the kids to this Park, as there weren’t any cliffs on the hikes we took. They were able to hike the entire time safely, run, and play in the sand. it was like one giant sandbox for the kids. Alex was literally swimming in the sand. I was still cleaning sand out his ears yesterday though.

Alex swimming in the sand.

Alex swimming in the sand.

Justin is such a good Dad. When the kids got tired on one of our evening hikes he had one of the twins in the backpack and the other on his shoulders.

The Arches National Park (14) - Copy

We tried to take a family photo while at the Arches, but the kids were more interested in playing in the sand. Seriously, they loved this sand. The photos are proof we tried, but in the end they wouldn’t stop playing, so I told Phillip to just take a pic anyway.

The Arches was a great Park, but it is hot in the summer. Most of our hikes and time at the Park were during the cooler morning hours or sunset. It was still cooler than Dallas during the hours we were there!