My newest article on LifeHack is about family. I am so thankful for good family. I shared a family photo from a few years back in this posting and you can see some of the diversity of my family from just a look at the photo. What is awesome about my family is that we all get along, regardless of our differences. My family has seen me through the good and bad and ALL of them have been there to love and support me along the way. I am eternally grateful for such good family. I know that it didn’t just start with my parents though, my grandparents Hazel and Harold Licht set the example on how to show love in a family. I love you all!

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Family should be a person’s first source for love, acceptance, and support. Unfortunately, many extended families are failing miserably as the people within the family do things to undercut family unity. Understanding the problem is the first step in finding a solution.

6 things that destroy extended family include:

1. Insults and Criticism
Words carry weight. In some cases they can carry the weight of the world. When unkind words are said to family, they hurt. Your family is supposed to be your source of encouragement and support. Negative words damage the core of family relationships. Some family members may say things off the cuff and think that because these things were said casually, they don’t hurt the other person. The truth is that such words hurt, however they are said. When negative words are spoken to family members it creates a chasm in the relationship. It takes time and positive interactions to repair the harm that is done when insults, criticisms, and jabs take place….

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