butterfly-26Brielle does not turn 5 until January, but she is already planning her party. She determined months ago she wanted a Rapunzel themed party (from the Disney movie Tangled). Tangled is her favorite Disney Princess movie. We have been doing some party prepping this summer. It’s easier for me to get things during the down time in summer. Her birthday comes in January right after the holiday time. Doing some of the party planning this summer was fun, compared to the last minute party crunching we did after the holidays about a week before her actual birthday last year.

My Mom made Brielle’s birthday present for her while she is here visiting. We will use it at her Birthday party and then find a place for it to be on display in the playroom. Brielle was so excited that Mema was going to paint the Tangled castle tower for her. Brielle even got to help paint some of it! The castle tower turned out beautifully. It will be perfect for her Tangled Princess Birthday party a few months from now. She can also enjoy it before and after the party!