This morning we participated in a Butterfly release at Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake, TX. It was a great event and I am so glad we went! They had a parade, crafts, face painting, and release of the butterflies. My Mom was still here visiting, so she was able to come too! For the release of the butterflies we were given small white folded pieces of paper and the butterflies were flat inside. I handled them, because I didn’t want the kids to squash the butterflies inside the paper. We opened each folded paper and out flew a butterfly from all of them!

After the butterflies were released we were given watermelon on popsicle sticks for the butterflies to land on. I didn’t know that they were so attracted to watermelon. The watermelon works great for attracting butterflies, as they landed on Brielle’s and Alex’s popsicle sticks of watermelon.

Bob Jones Nature Center does this butterfly release once a year. I highly recommend this event if you have small children. My kids were mesmerized and amazed to see the butterflies up close. Thank you to Bob Jones Nature Center and the staff for making this event special and memorable.