Brielle and I attended Sloan’s 5th Birthday today. We met Sloan and her Mommy at library time when we first moved here and Brielle was only 18 months old. I was pregnant with the twins at the time and Shea (Sloan’s Mommy) had two little ones at the time ages. Little did we know just a few years later we would both be Mommies of twins! She now has four little ones age 5 and under. We have done dozens of playdates, library time, Little Gym, Preschool, and dance with our girls together (and other little ones in tow of course). Shae is an amazing Mom and friend. She threw a great 5th birthday party for Sloan today! She asked for some advice in the planning the other day while the girls were in dance class together. Of course I was happy to give my input! Especially when her little girl wanted a Princess party! I love all things girly, princess-like, and girly. It was a fun party. Brielle had a fabulous time celebrating Sloan too. She was worn out at the end of the party, as I am sure all the kids were all played out!


Happy 5th Birthday Sloan! We love you and wish you MANY, MANY, MANY happy Birthdays to come!