Our Southlake MOPS had a family picinic today. My kids had a blast and I think all the other kids did as well. I managed to get a few conversations in with fellow adults while we there too- which is a Win Win! I am enjoying my hospitality role on our MOPS board, as I love to help throw a party anytime and I am happy to help everyone feel welcome in our group. Especially when it involves celebrating families and being Moms of preschoolers. Being a mom of preschool aged children is not exactly an easy time. I love it and know my fellow MOPS ladies do as well. But some days are a struggle to just get a shower or even go to the bathroom by myself, all while dealing with temper tantrums on the hour. It is so nice to belong to a community of Moms who can understand these daily struggles. Being a Mom is the most wonderful gift, but it isn’t without struggle. I appreciatate and love my fellow moms of multiples. I am so grateful for my MOPS group.