My friend Kathryn invited us to go to the Arboretum in Dallas on Monday, as her girls had school off for Columbus Day. Our friend Marsha and her sweet kids also came. It was Mommy and Me Mondays. This place is awesome! We had a great time with our friends visiting the petting zoo and going through the giant pumpkin village. We will try future Mommy and Me Mondays, as my kids enjoyed this beautiful location and the great things they have for kids. We joined as we plan to visit several times this year, including in December when they have their 12 Days of Christmas exhibit. Columbus Day is was packed, but that is to be expected since so many people had off of work and school.

The Dallas Arboretum is so much more than just going to view plants and trees. They have an entire kids area with exhibits that are similar to a children’s museum or science museum. Lots of opportunities for hands on learning experiences. The kind my kids actually participate in, because they don’t even know it’s an educational experience. They just think it’s great fun! Here is some info from their website about the kids area:


They even have a giant tree house to climb up inside and then climb on the rope walls on the top of the tree house. Of course my kids have zero fear and they all climbed right to the top. I kept reminding them not to just let go, they had to actually climb back done. I knew Charlie more than likely wouldn’t listen to my warning, so thankfully I ran over quick enough to catch him. He is a silly, happy, crazy boy, who has no fear.

For more info on the Dallas Arboretum you can see there website. Below is some information about their pumpkin village where they have over 90,000 pumpkins on display!

Here are some photos from our day at the Dallas Arboretum.