Last night I installed a new lock on my closet door. It’s the same lock system we used on our pantry because the twins were ransacking the pantry. No joke, I am not saying they went in to get food. They would go in there to tear all the food off the shelves and make a big pile on the floor of the pantry. After a couple of times of putting things back and it taking almost an hour we decided we needed to seriously child proof that door. We use door monkeys on the upstairs doors, which an inexpensive and easy product to use. They are a simple plastic childproof door latches that attach to almost any door. Unless you have a super thick hardwood doors. That’s what we have for the pantry door, so the door monkey would not fit on it. Justin picked up a Kwikset lock for the pantry door. You just punch in a 4 digit code and the door opens. I love this system. It has saved me from many headaches. On the rare occasion that I forget to shut the door (it locks automatically), the twins still think it is hysterical to see how much they can tear off the shelves and onto the floor before I can get to them. They don’t care about the punishment. They will do it all over again in a heartbeat if I were to leave the door open for them.

Unfortunalty, they started doing the same to my bedroom closet! Want to see me lose it? Start pulling dozens and dozens of shoes and neatly folded clothing from shelves and onto the floor of my closet. I had enough. I installed the Kwikset on my closet door last night. I did it all by myself! The directions were very clear, and it took me about an hour to install. I am sure someone more competent with tools could have had the job done in 15 minutes. I am just happy I did it and got it done! No more twins ransacking my closet!

I had a friend ask me about the lock system, so I took photos of the box before I threw it away. I didn’t realize I was going to blog about it, so those were the only pics I have of the product in its box. I picked it up at Home Depot for about $120. I can say that this product is awesome and has given me some peace of mind. I can keep small kids out of spaces that they aren’t supposed to get into. If you were ever looking for a door lock that is quick to open (comes with a key, but you never have to use it), then this product is something you should check out. Here is the doorknob I installed last night (and yes it works)!