I decided to participate in Shay Shull’s “What’s Up Wednesday”. It looked like fun! Her blog is Mix & Match Mama- http://mixandmatchmama.com/whats-wednesday-112316/

Shay has come to speak at our MOPS group the last two years. I love her enthusiasm for life, family, and Jesus! She is an amazing woman, so definitely check our her blog. She is a cookbook writer and has been featured on National programs including the Today show with Kathy Lee and Hoda just a few weeks ago. She is also the sister of Bachelor Star Sean Lowe.

Here is the theme for WUW (What’s up Wednesday):


What We’re Eating This Week

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we will be eating the traditional Thanksgiving feast, but this morning Justin made breakfast casserole. We had some gluten free bread to use up, as Brielle doesn’t eat it fast enough. It turnout out awesome with the GF bread!! Here is the recipe, as I have posted it in the past: https://livingjoydaily.com/2016/03/07/sausage-and-egg-breakfast-casserole/

We have guests arriving today!!!! My sister Rachel, her husband Matthew and their three kids will be here for dinner. I will be making a TexMex dinner of Pork Enchiladas. I will share the recipe soon, as they are sooooo good!

What I am Reminiscing About

Christmas growing up. Decorating my house always floods my mind with memories of childhood in Northern Wisconsin. My parents did up Christmas big. They usually had three full size trees, a real blue spruce, lots of lights outside, a skating rink outside (ok it was a lake and my dad shoveled a rink space), and tons of decorations indoors. Food was always big too, but what I remember most is peanut brittle, angle food chocolate candy from Sokups, and fresh walnuts for cracking. Lots of good memories of Christmas growing up. My favorite may have been the year I got Hampsters for Christmas.

What I am Loving

That my Sister Rachel and her family will be here later today!!!!

What We Have Been Up To

Lots of Christmas decorating lately and I love it! Here are my recent blogs about decorating: https://livingjoydaily.com/2016/11/16/christmas-decorations-are-up/ and https://livingjoydaily.com/2016/11/23/the-kids-christmas-tree-is-up/


We have also been busy doing Christmas crafts thanks to my Friend Delana and her awesome Craft Crate: https://livingjoydaily.com/2016/11/20/kids-crafts-with-an-inspirational-message/


What I am Dreading

My sister and her family having to go home after her visit, but I won’t think about that now.

What I am Working On

I always have a few projects in the works and they are typically in baskets next to my bed. The baskets I have there now are 1. Bible study review power point for next Tuesday’s bible study at my house. It is the last bible study for the semester so we will review all we covered this semester- Genesis through II Kings. 2. Photo booth and props for the Southlake MOPS annual Christmas party. This year at my house. 3. Favors for guests for the MOPS party. 4. Christmas cards.

Party Favors

Party Favors

What I am Excited About

Did I mention Rachel and her family are coming??? We have lots of good things planned in addition to Thanksgiving dinner. We have tickets to ICE at the Gaylord, lunch reservations at the American Girl Doll Store, Church at Gateway on Sunday, some Black Friday shopping, and a night out at the Stockyards for the adults. Oh and I bought the Polar Express 3D DVD (we have a 3D player upstairs) and extra pairs of 3D glasses so we can all watch it one night.


What I am Watching/ Reading

Lots of Christmas movies now (notice a theme in my life). I also am reading All the Light We Cannot See. It had good reviews on Goodreads.com, which is where I usually find the best book recomendations.


What I am Listening to

This. I. Love. This. http://amzn.to/2foVkzy


What I am Wearing

Vintage furs now that it is cold enough.  I am always on the hunt for vintage fur capes, capulets, and shawls. They are perfect for Texas weather which starts cool in the morning and then warms up. They are not bulky and easy to take off from an outfit. Plus they look cute with tunics, boots, and leggings. I wore my “new” vintage fur for our Christmas pics.

View More: http://kristenhafnerphotography.pass.us/battles-family-christmas-mini

What I am Doing this Weekend

Did I mention my sister Rachel and her family are on their way here?!?!

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

December is my favorite month of the year! Not only because of Christmas, but it is also our wedding anniversary on the 13th, the Twin’s Birthday, and my Birthday. Lots to be thankful for in December.

What Else is New

Our Amazing Collection Bible studies are growing in leadership. Susan, Kim, and I have been leading together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week. It got to be a lot for us, so I taking over Tuesdays starting in January. Susan and Kim are taking over Thursday’s. This now will free up some time for me on Thursdays since my kids are in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have two ladies from the Thursday group who are coming into the fold to lead on Tuesdays with me. I am so thankful for Cheree and Lori! They hope to start their own Amazing Collection studies, perhaps in the fall. This way they can get some leadership experience from this study under their belt before they branch off. This study is incredible. It is a true bible study- where you read and study the Bible over the course of 3 years total (6 semesters). I can see God continuing to grow these groups in numbers at Gateway in the years to come. Here a link to the study curriculum: https://www.bigdreamministries.org/product-category/the-amazing-collection/collection/

Oh and even bigger news in our household- Brielle’s GI issues are getting better!! We started going to a wholistic chiropractor. He is amazing! We also took her off Miralax for good. No more gluten either. She is wearing big girl panties as of last week (no more leaking all day long). This is a big answer to prayers, as I have been praying fervently that this could be resolved before Kindergarten. Praise God!! Thank you to Dana and Robyn from our Couple’s bible study group for your great advice and referring us to this awesome, Godly Chiropractor.