My sister Rachel and her family came for Thanksgiving! We have been having the best time! Its a bit busy here being outnumbered by kids, the noise level is through the roof, and it looks like a bomb went off in my house, but it is so worth it all! Having the kids spend time together with their cousins playing all day long is making such sweet memories for all of us. We have had a week of activities to maximize our time together and the time has flown by. It is amazing that we have six kids together ages 6 and under!


Thanksgiving day was perfect. We watched the Macy’s Day parade and Justin did the entire Thanksgiving meal! My husband has wonderful culinary skills. He enjoys cooking too, so Thanksgiving Day is his day to shine. He hit it out of the park! The meal was incredible! We all sat at the dining room table, even baby Rory, with China and all for our dinner. The kids actually sat and ate. It was a Thanksgiving miracle.

The Girls playing in Brielle's Room

The Girls playing in Brielle’s Room


Watching the North Pole Express in 3D

Watching the North Pole Express in 3D

Christmas gifts get to be opened early, since we won’t be together at Christmas. The kids loved getting their Christmas gifts from their aunts, uncles, and cousins during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day was a success! Rachel and I cleaned the kitchen and then around 5PM we headed out for some Black Friday shopping. We got our shopping done fast, as we were on a mission. Shopping for my kids’ Christmas gifts is complete! Thank you Black Friday deals! When we got back home we put the oldest girls off to bed so we could bring in the gifts. We wrapped gifts while playing Scrabble and watching Christmas movies. Our husbands were there too, they got to relax and watch the movies.