I use essential oils. I have for several years now. My friend Annika introduced them to me by giving me several samples when I had an ear infection that wouldn’t heal. Several courses of antibiotics didn’t work, but a few days of using oils and I was healed! From then on I have been hooked. I started using Young Living by buying their starter kit. Then, my friend Georgeann from Florida started her own essential oils business using only 100% pure oils. I have used DoTERRA and Young Living, which are both reputable and great. Now I use my friend Georgeann’s oils exclusively because they are pure, high quality, she ships fast, and it is a fraction of the cost of other major essential oil companies. Her company is called Heaven Scent Aroma. I like supporting this family and their business. They adopted 4 children from foster care on top of the 2 children they already have! Did I mention they are a both police officers? They are such quality people that are running a great business. Even better yet, their prices are awesome! Check them out on Facebook by finding Heaven Scent Aroma Shop or go to their website at http://heavenscentaromashop.com

Here is a screen shot of recent posting on the Heaven Scent Aroma Shop Facebook page:


After I started using essential oils we went from seeing a doctor every week to about 1 visit every 4 months! No joke, this stuff works if you use it when you are coming down with something. I apply oils to myself and my kids using carrier oils. My favorite carrier is now a naked salve that my friend Georgeann makes. I use a quarter size dollop of the naked salve in my palm and then 4 drops of whatever oil I want to use. Depending on my ailment, I most often apply on my upper chest, behind my ears, and at bedtime on the bottoms of my feet.

img_5840 I also use a diffuser. You simply fill with water and then I add 8 drops of whatever oil I want to use. Here is a diffuser I own and like: Noor Diffuser http://amzn.to/2gMXcXD

My favorite oils are Peppermint and Frankinscence. They get used often during cold and flu season. I use a healing balm from Heaven Scent Amroma that has helped with rashes, burns, and wounds in our family.


I also like Heaven Scent Aroma’s custom blend called Guardian. I used Thieves when I had Young Living products and, although I am no oil specialist, I think they are comparable products according to my nose. Again, Georgeann makes all her blends in her Shop. She is amazing!

I wanted to share their website so others could benefit from these essential oils and their great prices. I haven’t been compensated for this posting in any way. Actually, Georgeann doesn’t even know I am blogging about it! I just wanted to share the love of these products with others.  God bless and stay healthy during this cold and flu season!