My friend Kristle had her annual cookie exchange last night.  The guest list was made up of her friends  from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I don’t know another person who can cook like she does.  She served us prime rib, crabcakes, seafood salad, lasagna, and about 15 other dishes as well. No exaggeration!  She makes everything from scratch herself and will cook through the night if she needs to prepare for a party.  I don’t think she could be friends with Martha Stewart, as she would just make Martha very jealous. Kristle is the most amazing hostess, gourmet chef, and one of the sweetest people I know. The ladies she invited were so sweet as well! It was a lovely evening with all of them. None of these ladies would ever make the cut for Real Housewives of Southlake, as they are far to nice and easy to get along with!

I love doing the cookie exchange at her house, as I have my cookies ready for Christmas! I put my cookies I got from the exchange right into the freezer for Christmas morning. I made  buckeyes, which are simply peanut butter balls covered in chocolate.  I will have to share my easy recipe in another blog posting.  All the cookies were amazing. I swear, these women in Southlake do not know how to do anything halfway. No store bought cookies at this party!

My favorites were Kristle’s turtle cookies of course. My friend Lauren made my second favorite which were haystack cookies. Although, it was hard to choose a favorite as they were all so good!

Lauren gave me permission to share the recipe she used. I love how easy these are to make.