This Sunday was the Moms of Multiples’ annual Christmas party. It was held at the Glenview Baptist Church in Fort Worth. This church has the most incredible indoor play structure I have ever seen in my life. My kids had a blast playing with all the other multiples and their siblings. Santa came for a visit too! The best part was no long lines! We book him months in advance, as he is a very busy man. Two of my kids wanted to visit with Santa. Alex on the other hand, didn’t want much to do with him this year. Oh well, we got a group shot of the kids and me holding Alex. Lots of families came and I took photos of the families that were before and after my kids with Santa. I am sorry I didn’t get everyone! Thank you Nikki, Shawnel, and other ladies for planning such a great event! I look forward to seeing the board members at my house tomorrow night for our Christmas celebration!


I was able to get some video of the kids all singing with Santa too: Singing with Santa