Brielle performed in her Preschool’s Christmas program on Sunday night. She did a good job. I am happy with my kids’ performances anytime they aren’t that “one kid” just standing there staring at the audience and not doing anything. That was exactly what my twins did for the end of the year  preschool program last year. Not one word, they just stared at the audience while their classmates sang and did motions. Brielle was good this year! She actually sang AND did motions. It’s a move in the right direction, especially considering a year and a half ago she didn’t even participate in her ballet recital because she refused to dance AT ALL. She had a small Christmas dance performance the other night and did great then too! She seems to be getting the hang of things. Here is the video from her class performance the other night at preschool: Brielle and Her Class Singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

She wanted to practice that morning before her little program, so she sang it for Justin. He recorded it: Brielle Singing

The twins did not sing in the Christmas program. It was for the older preschool children only. I think everyone knew my twins were there though. They have some issues with sitting still. We kept trying to get Charlie to sit. Eventually he did fall while climbing on the chairs. He fell face first and hit his face hard on the ground and got a bloody nose. I scooped him up to take him out, but I got my lace dress sleeve caught on Justin’s cuff link.  We couldn’t get untangled, so after a minute (which felt like a lifetime with Charlie screaming in my arms in the middle of the school program) he took off the cuff link and I was able to take Charlie out. Charlie is tough. He stopped crying quickly and we were able to go back in to see the rest of the performances. It wouldn’t be a family outing without an injury or embarrassment.

Brielle was beaming after the performance. She was so proud that she did it! We were proud of her too. Here are some photos from her Preschool program and us in her classroom after the program (we had come directly from the Prestonwood “Gift of Christmas” musical):