Today was my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Christmas meeting and gift exchange. It was such a fun time!! It is a yearly MOPS tradition. We have over 70 members. Each member brings a wrapped gift valued around $10 that is a “favorite thing” in their life. Such things as hair products, wine, mugs, food products, household products, makeup, and more. I love “favorite things” as I get ideas for products I may want to use and this year I got ideas for stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers for me, as my stocking has been completely empty in past years, because Santa is too busy getting the kids their gifts. No complaints, just glad I have some great ideas! Here are some of the products that I took photos of, as they were ones I thought would be perfect stocking stuffers or helpful things around the house.

We play the exchange game with this gift exchange, so gifts can be stolen up to two times. I stole someone else’s gift and got a hairbrush for use on wet hair, EOS lip balm, and a dry shampoo. My friend Holly was the one who brought this gift. Thank you Holly!

We also made a craft at our meeting. I love this ornament. It is an ornament that tells the true story of Christmas. I blogged about how to make this ornament last year, as I made bunch as gifts last year:  Since I made another one this year, I will put this one on the kids’ tree upstairs. Thank you Wendy for arranging this craft for our group! I love useful crafts and especially ones that are meaningful.

I took lots of photos today of my MOPS ladies. I tried to make sure I got at least one shot of each person. I love these ladies!

And below are some more photos for our gift exchange. It was a fun morning! Thank you ladies! Thank you especially to our steering committee and our Co-Presidents Trish and Amanda.