Well we have made it three years! It has been the fastest moving three years of my life and the best three years too. They completed our family when they were born. Before we even got pregnant, I literally prayed for twin boys. God answered our prayers! We obviously had a higher likelihood of having twins doing IVF, but getting boys was completely a God thing! God gave us these wild, spunky, smart, sweet boys and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

The first six months of their life was the roughest. They both had colic and reflux. Things got easier after the reflux and colic subsided. Now they are gaining independence by the day and testing their limits in this world. They are active! They have IPads, but they would rather be outside climbing something their not supposed to be climbing than sitting and looking at technology. It’s a good thing, but they are like puppies that need to be worn out each day. I have to literally plan my day around how to wear them out before and after their nap time. They are rough on the house. They now owe me 3 sets of lamps. Seriously. They have broken 3 sets of lamps in our living room. People wonder why we still have baby gates up in our home. It’s because they destroy or break anything nice that we have. It’s not that they do it on purpose. It’s just that they have so much energy in them. Justin didn’t even like the most recent set of lamps I brought home, after they broke the last set. I said “don’t worry, these will be broken within the year and you can pick out the next ones”.

For their Birthday they finally got Big Boy beds. I bought the “Privacy Pop Tents” that go on their beds too. They are supposed to help keep them safe at night. At least that’s why I bought them. I always worry about them getting out of their room at night and the balcony on the other side of their door. Now that they can break through the monkey locks (a child proof device) on their doors I have more to worry about. The privacy pop tents came up on my Facebook feed one day as an ad and I decided these may work for us! They do, but unfortunately my boys can still hurt themselves in their own beds. The first half hour in Charlie’s new bed I heard a loud thump and then horrific wailing. I sprinted upstairs to find his face covered in blood. We figure he was jumping on his bed (inside the privacy pop tent) and then hit his face on his footboard (there was blood evidence). Ugh…he cut the inside of his mouth and gave himself a bloody nose. Nice birthday gift. Oh well, hopefully he has learned that he can’t jump on his bed now. At least they seem to love their beds and especially the tents. What little boy doesn’t like a tent?

The boys in their new beds and Privacy Pop tents. Now they just need some new decor, bedskirts, and comforters.



They got lots of great toys from their aunts and uncles. They got dinosaurs, more dinosaurs, a Batman Cave, cars, cars, and more cars! Brielle gave them each a stuffed dinosaur she picked out. She loves her brothers so much, she is their Mini Mommy.

She loves going into their room each morning to get them up, she sings them songs, “reads” them books, and basically directs their activities all day long. She loved helping them celebrate their birthday too. Such a sweet and good big sister! I love the relationship that my kids have with one another. I pray that it just continues to grow in love and kindness. They argue like all siblings do, but I can see the bond that they have between the three of them already. I loved how Brielle was telling them the story of their birth last night. She wasn’t even two years old when they were born, but she is an expert on the stories about their life thus far. She loves them just as much as we do as parents.