Christmas 2016 was a success! Happy Birthday Jesus! We went to the candlelight service at Gateway Church on Christmas Eve. It is the one time of the year Brielle actually goes into church with us. The twins still stayed in their classroom, as I didn’t think they would do well in a service yet. Maybe next year for them. It was a beautiful service! The music was especially wonderful. I love Christmas music in church. I am thankful we can celebrate the birth of Jesus publicly. We live in a great country to have such freedom!

Justin grilled steaks for Christmas Eve dinner. We ate on the Christmas China for dinner. The kids set the table, they are good helpers!

Then the kids got to open one gift each. We decided to open the gifts from Natalie and Jacy. It was an entire collection of Super Hero capes and masks! Amazing!! The kids wore them all night.

Then the kids set out milk and cookies for Santa. We made the cookies a few hours earlier, so they would be special and fresh for Santa. Apparently Brielle thought store bought wouldn’t cut it for Santa. Before bed we read the Christmas story from the Bible and then it was off to bed!

And then Santa delivered all the goodies! God is good and we all feel blessed this year.

Christmas morning was early at our house. The kids (Brielle, who then woke her brothers) got up before 6 am. The kids love their new toys and they have been playing all day. We didn’t take too may photos today, as we were busy! I know the kids will sleep peaceful tonight and so will Justin and I!