While on our cruise we stopped at one port- Cozumel, Mexico. Months back, I had spent a couple of hours online looking for the perfect shore excursion for our group. I know that you can arrange excursions from the cruise ship but they are always priced higher. I found a catamaran sail and snorkeling 3-hour excursion that had 5 star ratings/reviews by over 40 people online. Their online written reviews were glowing. I have to say they exceeded my 5-star expectations! I have been snorkeling countless times. I even own my own gear, but never have I been provided with snorkeling instructions, other than “here is a mask put it on and blow the water out of the snorkel if water gets into the snorkel”. Fernando was our guide and he provide thorough, entertaining, and thoughtful instructions and tips. We spent an hour snorkeling and got great photos! I bought Justin an underwater camera a few years ago and it has been perfect for our trips and just taking fun photos of the kids in the pool. They have newer models, but the old model (which we own) is priced great now that there are newer models available. I recommend this camera, as you can see in my photos, it takes great underwater! Here is the camera on Amazon, if you are in the market for an underwater camera: http://amzn.to/2j5adNb


After we snorkeled for an hour, we showered off on the boat with fresh water and then they served us fresh margaritas, fruit, chips, and fresh guacamole. The music was perfect for the atmosphere and Jessica, our dancer of the family, got up and danced with some of the crew. This crew knows how to entertain a crowd and help everyone have a great time! I have never had such accomadating, fun, energetic, and knowledgeable crew on any excursion. I highly recommend them! Here is a link to book them if you are ever in Cozumel: https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/cozumel/catamaran-sail-snorkel.html

We also took some video while snorkeling. The camera did surprisingly well taking video. Sorry, I am not the steadiest videographer, but I was in the water. Don’t worry, Rachel recovered from swallowing the salt water and getting a little sick. Click here for the: Video of Snorkeling in Cozumel. Here is a video clip that Natalie took. The noise in the video is from her snorkel. I was amazed how clear the sound is underwater. Video Natalie took while Snorkeling.

There was also a professional photographer, and we bought his photos (an entire disk for $30). I like that they sold it as a disk rather than printing the photos. Thank you Natalie for buying the disk for our group. Here are his photos of us and some of the reef as well.

Our group from Left to Right: Mom (Jenny), Me (Magdalena), Jessica, Natalie, and Rachel