On Saturday night we had Brielle’s 5th Birthday party. Rapunzel came to the party and she was amazing! She led games, did makeup on the girls, sang a song, had story time with a question and answer period for the kids, and did a special coronation. We found her through http://www.royallyfunparties.com/characters. The company sent Brooke and she was wonderful! The party was a success and it had a lot to do with having the Princess Rapunzel come to lead the party activities.

Here are some photos from the game time. After the kids wrapped up fellow kids, they then got to wrap up Justin in streamers. It was fun to watch!

After the games Rapunzel then did makeup on all the little girls. They loved it! They were swarmed around Rapunzel the entire time and were enthralled by the Princess. The few boys that were there got tattoos on their arms. Brielle only wanted girls at the party since it was all princess themed, but she made a few specific exceptions. Her brothers barely made the cut. I feel bad that we couldn’t invite more people. The venue could only hold so many people. Although, I did unfortunately forget to invite a few people. It is hard to remember everyone we know around town, as I probably am involved in a few too many activities where the kids have made friends with other kids. Brielle guided me on making the list this time for her party. She was glad to have so many friends there for her special day, as she called it “the best day ever”! Thank you to all who came and helped make her day so special!

Here are some photos from the makeup session. Thank you to our nanny Brooke for doing the tattoos on the boys, while Rapunzel was doing makeup on the girls. Charlie is so pleased with his tattoo he had shown it to me at least a dozen times today. Thank you to our relative Lauren for helping at the party and putting the necklaces on the girls during the makeup time.

After the makeup time Rapunzel then had the storytime, along with a question and answers session, and then the coronation of Brielle. I love how she described that the things that make a person beautiful come from the inside. Here is a screen shot from their website. I appreciate the values of this company! Rapunzel even spoke about the qualities that make a person beautiful and they come from Galatians in the Bible and are the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Below is the certificate she presented Brielle at the coronation and it is precious. It will go into Brielle’s scrapbook.

After the coronation she sang. Here is a video clip of Rapunzel singing to the kids:
Rapunzel Singing

The Princess posed for lots of photos with the kids. Thank you to my Mom for the handpainted Rapunzel castle! The kids made good use of the photo booth at the party. We brought along princess dresses in case anyone forgot to wear one or they wanted to make a costume change during the party. The girls had so much fun at this girly princess party! I love this age of innocence and time when little girls adore princesses as all things pretty.

I want to thank my friends Shae and Marsha for offering to come help with set up. Shae even helped with clean up including vacuuming the floors! Thank you dear friends. Thank you also to Lauren, our family member (Justin’s cousin’s daughter) who was a huge help with everything for the party from start to finish including setting up all the food! And of course our nannies Taylor and Brooke who were there to help before, after, and during the party. We love you!! This party was set up and ran well because of all the help, and we are so thankful!

Here are the rest of the photos from the party. It was truly a special day to celebrate Brielle’s 5th Birthday. I don’t think she will forget this birthday. It was magical. Thank you God for giving us this special girl we can celebrate!

I made braided crowns for all the girls at the party, as well as bouquets for them to keep as party favors. I will share on my blog soon how I made them.