Today we went to the Birthday party for our twin friends Kaitlyn and Kendall. Their Mom Kathryn is one of my closest friends. We do a whole lot together including Moms of Multiples, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and Bible Studies. Her little girls are the sweetest little twin girls who have the closest twin relationship I have ever seen. They love each other and their relationship reminds me of my sister Rachel and I (although Rachel and I just think we are twins born two years apart).

It was a Birthday party hoedown today with pony rides, barbecue, a campfire with s’mores, some hide and seek games, and plenty of fun for the kids! The rain came for a short while, but Kaitlyn and Kendall’s playroom provided plenty of entertainment for the crowd of kids until the rain passed. Then it was back outside and of course my kids found the mud puddles.

The pony rides were the best. My kids rode again, again, and again. As long as there were saddles empty my kids were willing to fill them.

Kathryn knows how to throw a great party! All of the kids had a wonderful time. It was a successful hoedown and birthday celebration for Kaitylyn and Kendall!

I am happy we made it to their fun and fabulous birthday party! Brielle had an accident this morning and we ended up at Urgent Care. She was digging in the fridge in the laundry room and a bottle of wine came out and shattered on the floor. It cut the top of her foot. At urgent care she had to have the wound numbed, cleaned out to ensure there was no glass, and then she was given several stitches. Quite the ordeal with a small child. Oh the drama. She is typically a very tough girl and doesn’t cry unless something is really painful. Apparently the numbing gel didn’t work that well because there was a whole lot of crying. We were supposed to attend a birthday party that afternoon for our friend Ella. However, Brielle was so exhausted from the urgent care ordeal that she slept for almost 3 hours and missed the party. Fortunately, the nap gave her new energy and we were able to make it to Kaitlyn and Kendall’s party. Their party made our weekend! Thank you for inviting us, it was a fun evening!