Both Bass Pro Shop and Cabella’s in our area have great aquarium exhibits as well as stuffed wildlife.  My kids love to go there to see the fish and animals. Cabella’s in Fort Worth has an amazing collection of stuffed wildlife and some massive aquariums. We went yesterday after some fun at Chuck-E-Cheese. Fun for the kids of course, but it wasn’t that bad for us either, as we went on a Saturday afternoon and there were very few people there. $30 of game tokens between all three kids, gave us over 2 hours of play time.

Brielle and I used the photo booth at Chuck-E-Cheese.

They won a little bit too, so we went home with a new play doh kit. Between the two locations and four hours out of the house my kids were happy and worn out.

I was sick all day in bed Friday with a fever and then a horrible migraine. I hadn’t had one since before I had kids. They are awful! Thanks to some tips from my friends on Facebook, I used Benadryl, caffeine, Exedrin Migraine, Peppermint Essential Oil, and a dark room which all helped me to get rid of the migraine. I was feeling pretty wiped out on Saturday, so Cabella’s and a relatively empty Chuck-E-Cheese made the day a good family day for us. Justin and I went out on a date night that evening too. It’s been a good weekend. Although, today Justin seems to have whatever I had and has been in bed most of the day. It’s the season for passing germs around. Stay healthy people and wash your hands often!

If you are ever looking for free entertainment for your young children then go to Cabella’s. If they are impressed by stuffed (but real) lions, elephants, buffalo, and more then they will love a visit there. It’s a hidden Gem that more people need to know about. Here are the pics from the Fort Worth Cabella’s yesterday.