This week I have a new article published on My Mom was the one who inspired this article, as she has always said “people are either wallowers or survivors”. My Mom grew up in very tough circumstances, but has become a great success in life with over 40 years of marriage, she and my Dad raised 6 children, and she has run several sucessful businesses. She is also a talented painter and excellent tennis player. Her attitude is that of a survivor, as she is the definition of survivor, when it comes to rising above difficult circumstances. Love you Mom!

Here is a preview of the article:

In life there are generally two types of people and their personalities are revealed when they experience a major turmoil, trial, or trauma in life. People either kick into survivalist mode and find the power within to get through and find the best in the situation or they wallow in self pity because of their circumstances. How you react to the major difficulties in life will show your true colors. You will either show yourself to be a survivor or a self pity wallower. Being a wallower will keep you from being successful, as you will have a tendency to think negatively and not pursue your goals because of a self defeating attitude that comes from wallowing in self pity. In order to be a success in life, whether in love, career, parenthood, or whatever path you choose, you need to recognize your self defeating wallowing tendencies, so that you can eliminate them. Wallowing will only hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Definition of a Wallower
A person who wallows in self pity is a person who ruminates on their life circumstances and prevents themselves from moving forward in life because they hold onto these feelings of self pity. They feel that the world has done them wrong, so they get stuck in the rut of self pity, which is wallowing. The self pity can be generated from a variety of different things.

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