We decided to take the kids roller skating on Saturday. They had never been to a skate rink before. Brielle got a pair of skates a while back, but has never successfully skated with them. Our plan was to get the kids into the 11 am group skate lesson at Skate Town in Grapevine, TX. I misread the website. The lesson is from 10-11 not lessons and 10 and 11. My mistake. Whoops. I thought, “well now what?”. I wasn’t sure about teaching them myself. Fortunately, we found that they had these things for rent to assist kids in learning to skate. I don’t remember seeing these things the last time I was at a rink, but that was ages ago. They work so well! We didn’t have to hold the kids up or really teach they anything to learn to skate. They simply held onto these PVC apparatuses on wheels and pushed them along to skate. Apparently most skate rinks now have them for rent, which makes it very easy for kids to learn to skate. We went to the rink and it was inexpensive entertainment. To skate all day long it was $29 for our family of 5. It helped that our boys were only 3 years old, as they skated free. Renting the skate assist bars was $1 an hour each. Our kids used them for 2 hours total, so it was $6. It was a fun way to spent a Saturday afternoon and we didn’t spend a lot either. Here are some tips if you take your kids to the rink and they don’t know how to skate yet:

1. Rent the skate assist bars.

2. Get the skate assist bars before your kids even put their skates on.(Brielle stood up and fell, hitting her head while waiting for Justin to get the skate assist bars).

3. Tell your kids to start on their skates by shuffling their feet, taking baby steps with their skates on. It also helps if they stick out their butt a bit to get a Lowe center of gravity. It will help with their balance.

4. Let them know that falling is ok. They will fall. What’s important is getting back up and trying again.

5. When you rent skates for kids they can loosen or tighten the wheels. You want them fairly tightened to begin. This prevents the wheels from rolling to easily, thus they have more control on their skates. You can always have the rink employees loosen the wheels after your child gets the hang of things.

6. Show your kids that at the front of the roller skate there is a stopper, used for stopping. (Mine never needed them, but they will eventually).

7. Have the kids practice and get a feel for the skates on a carpeted area first. They will find their balance and gain some confidence before getting on the rink.

Our kids had lots of fun skating on Saturday! It is a great family activity and good exercise for all. It is also an activity that parralles skiing. If you are planning a ski trip, get your kids on skates first for some practice learning to balance.

Video of Alex learning to skate

Video of Charlie learning to skate

Brielle skating

Here are our photos from skating yesterday: