I have a friend that needed some Valentines for her son, so I offered to make them in exchange for a future blog giveaway prize. I enjoy making Valentines and doing crafty things. I have never considered myself crafty, but it’s probably because I grew up in a home with the craftiest parents ever. They actually made a living selling crafts and my Mom is a successful artist, so my basis for comparison is probably a bit off. I do enjoy being creative. I just don’t own or use bandsaw or other sophisticated tools like my parents did while I was growing up. I do however, like using my laminator, Print Shop program, and sewing machine on a regular basis. I guess I can start calling myself “crafty”. I used my “craft skills” to make up these Valentines for my friend’s son this weekend.

I created the printable on my computer using my Print Shop program. You can use my template here to make your own Valentines (simply print ON CARDSTOCK and cut- there are 6 per page and don’t forget to have your child sign each one):

So, what do you do after you print off the Valentines? Cut them and then add the lip whistles. I found these at the dollar tree (in a package of 6 for $1). I have also seen them at Walmart (in the party favor section).

Add the whistles by cutting a + on the card. Don’t make it too big or the lips will fall out. Make it just big enough so the lip whistle fits in the Valentine snuggly. I also added a heart sticker to each Valentine.

After the Valentines are made you can put them in a “loot bag” also found at the dollar tree in batches of 20-25 for $1. I chose clear so they could clearly show the Valentines inside:

You can then add goodies to your Valentine bags. Here are some ideas about goodies for your bags that I wrote about last year (from the Dollar Tree of course): https://livingjoydaily.com/2016/02/04/the-best-candy-free-valentines/

The Valentines I made for my friend’s son included Play Doh and candy; things that all preschool kids love! I used Ribbon to close the bags up and they are ready to go!

I hope the kids enjoy their Valentines! Such a fun holiday for all ages!