Boots, leggings, and a tunic (or dress) are my daily go-to items for attire during the winter months. If you see me in yoga pants in public it’s because I was actually in yoga class that day. I have always liked to dress up. I also like timeless pieces in my wardrobe. The traditional Burberry plaid is one of those timeless styles in my opinion. I didn’t buy all my Burberry at one time, it’s a collection I have built over the years. The same with Louis Vuitton. Usually, those items are designated as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. It’s not like I am heading over to Louis Vuitton on a regular basis.

I do have to say I am equal opportunity shopper. I buy clothes when I like them, not because of the store they are sold within. Some of my favorite stores are Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target. I like department stores, but I typically shop for good deals. I don’t like paying retail, because it feels like I am wasting money. Every dollar saved is a dollar I can spend on more clothing! I shop consignment stores too, because it’s like treasure hunting to me! I love the hunt!

I decided to start sharing my style tips on my blog. I will probably share some from Brielle’s wardrobe as well. I enjoy clothing. I believe it’s a way of expressing yourself. I like to have fun with clothing and especially assessories. I LOVE hats! They also make life easier. I don’t have to do my hair if I wear a hat. Plus people think I am more stylish, so it’s a win-win. At least once a week someone will ask me why I am all dressed up on a particular day. My answer is typically the same- “no reason, I just like to dress nice”. The funny thing is that I never feel dressed up. Everything I select for my daily wardrobe is intended to be comfortable and functional (I do have three kids age 5 and under). Leggings and tunics are very comfortable in my opinion. I am actually less comfortable in jeans. It’s just who I am and what my preferences are for wardrobe.

Below is my outfit for today and Brielle’s too. We were dressed to go to Dunham Farms to pick up eggs I will be incubating. However, they had a “situation” at the farm and arrangements were made so that I could pick up the eggs at their church instead.

My eggs for incubating!

My kids were looking forward to the farm, but they got over it quickly. Their conciliation was Chic-Fil-A and then a couple hours of playing at Bicentennial park. We squeezed in a few more errands too. Later today (after naps) we have ballet for Brielle and then I will attend a board meeting. My outfit is great because it works for the park, errands, and a board meeting. It also works for different temperatures. I can wear it with or without the poncho.

So where can you get this look?

The Burberry boots my husband got for me for Christmas a few years ago, but they are still for sale now: Burberry Clemence Rain Boots

The dress is hugely marked down at Lord and Taylor’s. You can get it for much less than I paid! Win for you! It is now $33 marked down from $110.  Donna Morgan Black Sheath Dress

The hat is from the San Diego Hat Company. It can be purchased on Amazon- Red Beret

The jewelry I am wearing is new from Kendra Scott. Justin got it for me for Valentine’s Day. He is so good at buying gifts for me! He knows my style! Kendra Scott Necklace and Earrings

My poncho/shawl is about 7 years old, but there are plenty of options on the Burberry Website. I also recommend checking out PoshMark for secondhand Burberry at a decent price.

Brielle was wearing an adorable chicken dress today. What better to wear when you are dressing for a farm visit to pick up chicken eggs? The dress is made by Elanore Rose: The chicken dress is no longer available, but there are lots of adorable dresses on their site! There are also Facebook buy, sell, trade pages for Eleanor Rose, so if you really want a chicken dress that would be the best place to find one.

And just for fun, here are some pics of the kids at the park.

And a video clip of the kids at the park: Kid’s Making Music at the Park