I like buying my kid’s clothing from Zulily. They always have clothing at a fraction of retail price. I have not been disappointed yet, and I have been shopping with them for years.

Here are the two outfits I picked up for Brielle today on their site. The price was less than $20 per outfit! Regular price is over $50 per outfit. We own a couple of outfits from this line (Ruffles by Tutu) and they have been great.

In case you wanted to shop the Ruffles by Tutu sale today you better head to the Zulily site ASAP, as their items sell out (most often the same day they are listed for sale). https://www.zulily.com/e/ruffles-by-tutu-and-lulu-223325.html

I also picked up a super cute pair of shoes that will work for playground and church. Since most of her wardrobe is pink and pastels these shoes should match her outfits for spring and summer.

Here is the link for the shoe sale: Zulily shoes.

In browsing through their site I also saw the maxi dress we purchased from their website a year or so ago that we used for a family photo shoot. Here is the link for the dress: Ivory Maxi Dress.

Its priced at $36 and is even more beautiful in person! Her is Brielle wearing the dress-

Some things to keep in mind about Zulily:

1. It typically takes 3-4 weeks to get their items. It has to do with how they place orders with vendors and then they have to wait to get the items in their hands before they can then ship to the end user.

2. They basically have a no-return policy. It’s one way they keep their prices so low. I order items I know I will keep or can resell for the same price (or close to) if for some reason it doesn’t work for my child. I have ordered for myself and it didn’t fit, so I gave it to a family member. They will take returns if an item arrives damaged/flawed.

3. You have to create a username and password to even shop on their site. Don’t worry, you don’t need to enter any credit card or PayPal info unless you actual buy something.

4. You can register on their site to have them send you notifications via email about specific brands. Our favorite is Jelly the Pug, so I get an email the night before it goes on their site. That way I won’t miss it and kick myself later! $15-$20 for $60 dresses, ummm yes please!