My friend Elizabeth is a road trip expert. When she tells me about how to make road tripping better, I listen and take note, as her tips have always been so helpful! Her tip about cooking in the car that she gave me last summer has been a life saver. We went on our last 8 day road trip with them this past summer and didn’t stop for fast food once and we covered thousands of miles! Our meals were home cooked, healthy meals, and done in the car. We also used it on our recent roadtrip to ski in Angel Fire, NM. How did we cook in the car? It’s the Hot Logic Mini Cooker that makes it possible. Simply stated it is a portable oven that you can use in your car, office, hotel room, etc.

We put our food into the Hot Logic cooker (inside a Pyrex dish) when we hit the road early in the morning. When the kids wake up on the drive, breakfast is hot and ready to serve up! After the breakfast is finished I take the lunch from the cooler (which is also in a Pyrex dish) and put it into the Hot Logic to cook that up. Usually it takes just an hour or two to have the food hot and ready. I make the food in advance (like for example chicken enchiladas or pasta with meatballs or hot pockets or breakfast sandwiches with eggs and cheese) and then I put the meals into Pyrex dishes and into a cooler in the back seat. As we need the food I put it into the Hot Logic cooker about 2 hours before we plan to eat.

Here is what I prepared for our road trip meals for our 9 hour drive to Angel Fire, NM:

It is a great little cooker, with over 1700 reviews on Amazon and a 5 star rating! It can be used inside a vehicle, but also in a home or office! It is so popular and has great reviews, because it works and is priced right! Here are some of the reviews from Amazon, so you can see what people are saying:

Here is the link to buy it on Amazon: Hot Logic Mini Cooker on Amazon

Be sure to order Pyrex dishes and the A/C converter if you are going to use it in a vehicle and it needs to be plugged into a cigarette lighter.