Justin and I went with two other couples last night to IFly in Fort Worth. It is a nationwide indoor skydiving chain of venues https://www.iflyworld.com.  We all participated in the indoor skydiving experience. It is amazing and perfect to do for date night out, a birthday celebration, or just a fun night out. We were celebrating Angelique’s birthday. Her husband planned her fun night out at IFly as a surprise for her birthday. Such a sweet and fun husband!

Drew and Angelique

Dana, Angelique, and Magdalena

Drew, Ryan, Justin, Dana, Magdalena, and Angelique

We got our flying vouchers at Costco in advance. You can get a better deal if you pick that up first. It’s about $50 per person with the voucher and includes a video of your flying experience.

I have been sky diving before. Actual skydiving. My first time was tandem (strapped to the instructor). That was such an incredible thrill that I decided I wanted to do it by myself. I got certified at Sky Dive Wissota in Chippewa Falls (this was over 10 years ago, well before kids). After I got certified I did 5 solo jumps (not all in one day, over the course of a few weeks). I have to say it was scary, like super scary want to pee my pants I can barely breathe scary, every time I did a solo jump. You are jumping out of plane into nothingness. The planes they used were a little scary too. Duct tape on the inside of the walls and no doors. Yep, I was a little crazy in my 20’s.

I was super excited to try IFly. I enjoyed it more than my solo jumps. You get the thrill and feel for flying without being thousands of feet off the group worrying if your parachute will open properly or if you can find the drop zone and properly navigate yourself there (I wasn’t great at the navigation in the beginning and landed in a cornfield once). No worries when doing indoor skydiving! Especially when you have an instructor there to help you out. Safety is first at IFly. They ensure you are properly instructed and equipped before you get to fly.

Angelique showing us how to get in flying position.

Justin and I (Magdalena) suiting up to take flight!

Our instructor was Alex and she did an awesome job with all of us! We will be going back again someday. I can definitely see my kids going there for their own birthday celebrations in the future. Kids as young as 3 can fly at IFly!

Here is the video of my IFly experience (my second flight): Magdalena at IFly

Here is a video of one of the instructor’s before our flight time. Pretty cool!: Instructor at IFly in Fort Worth

If you are even a mild thrill seeker, you need to check out IFly! You get the thrill of skydiving without the terror. I highly recommend IFly! I also recommend going with a group. It is fun to experience this with friends or family. Be sure to cheer each other on, as it can be challenging at first. Have fun!!