I take on average 2-3 workout or yoga classes each week. I am always checking out what other ladies are wearing, because I like style and fun clothing.  The biggest trend in workout clothing right now is strappy backs. Even more specifically, strappy sports bras and tanks that expose the straps on the back. It is a fun look!

Thank you Brielle for taking this photo. Alex would not get out of the photos. He just wanted to be near me at that moment, so he was in every pic! In this pic I am wearing the Avia sports bra, LuluLemon twist back tank, and LuluLemon Groovy flare leg pants. The headband is Vero Brava.

In the photo below my sports bra is an Avia from Walmart. Yes, Walmart! They carry it in a bunch of colors and patterns too. The tank is from LuluLemon. I love LuluLemon, but not necessarily the prices. However, that apparently didn’t stop me from buying this top in all three colors available. My favorite are their pants because they carry tall sizes (34″-36″ inseams!). I own a few too many, but hey, it’s hard to find pants that are long enough! Here is the link for LuluLemon (I couldn’t find my top on their website, but they had plenty in stock at their Southlake location a couple of weeks ago): http://shop.lululemon.com

Below is a link for the Avia strappy back sports bra. I was surprised they didn’t show the back on their website photos, but I know this is the top, as I own it in almost every color they show on the website. Walmart.com now has free 2 day shipping too! They are trying to compete with Amazon. Even better is that these sports bras are on sale for $11.00! I bought mine in the store and you can probably find them in your local store as well. I checked my local Walmart in North Richland Hills today and they had a full stock in variety of colors! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Avia-Women-s-Active-Printed-Sports-Bra-with-Strappy-Back/54620488

I also picked up some fun workout tops at my local Walmart today. These also will expose the strappy backs. They are priced just right to buy several! No guilt with buying with these great prices!

The first tank is made by Danskin and has flattering side runching. Here is the link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Danskin-Now-Women-s-Active-Seamless-Racerback-Tank-with-Mesh-Open-Back/55210482

Here is another tank by Danskin that has a mesh back to show off the straps of a strappy sports bra. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Danskin-Now-Women-s-Active-Performance-Tank-with-Mesh-Detail/54604394

What pulls my outfits together is the fun headbands. I have workout shoes that coordinate with my tops too (6 pairs to go with the different color options of my tops and matching headbands). The headbands I wear are from Vero Bravia Headbands. https://verobrava.com/products/try-before-you-buy-non-slip-black-headband

They are non slip headbands. As long as they are touching skin on your forehead they stay in place. They feel much like swimsuit material, which is light, breathable, and stretchy. And yes, I have an addiction to buying these as well. Workouts are more fun when you like what you are wearing and are excited to put on the workout wear!

My shopping motto- “I am an equal opportunity shopper!” Wherever I find clothes I like, I will buy. Even better if they are a deal!