My twins are 3 years old. I do not trust them around sharp objects, valuables, or anything white. Which is why I won’t be bringing out cups of colored dye for them to dip eggs into for Easter. Not happening. I like the colors of my kitchen floor and grout just fine the way they are right now. Even if we did it outside I can just about guarantee one will try to throw it on another sibling, or better yet, on me. Nope. Not going to even venture traditonal egg dyeing this year with them.

I found a great alternative though and they loved it! We did our egg decorating last week. I found these Paas Color Snaps at Walmart for less than $1 for each set. I bought one set for each of my kids. You simply snap the top (as per instructions) and then let them go to town “painting” their eggs with their dye filled q-tips.

There is still a potential for mess, but it’s greatly reduced with these Color Snaps. I also picked up these craft eggs at Walmart for under $2. They feel like they are a hallow plastic that is porous, so they easily absorbs the paint. These eggs came with dye packets too, but I simply discarded them. No need for them since we were using the Color Snaps. 

My kids painted their eggs until their hearts were content and they were proud of their work.

I still put their art smocks on them. Which is a good thing, as Alex decided to paint the front of his smock. Clean up was easy too, as I just threw away the q-tips and the paper towels we used. Easy! It was $5 total to create these eggs and the neat thing is that we can save them to set out for next year. For now, they will go in a decorative Easter basket as decor in their playroom.