Once a year Target collaborates with a designer for clothing to be sold just once in their stores. Once the items are sold out, they aren’t made again. In some cases, such as the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration 2 years ago, the items sold out online completely within a few hours. I tried to buy online to no avail (there were too many people on their site so it kept crashing), so I shopped at 3 Targets the morning Lilly Pulitzer went for sale. I was able to get a handful of items in stores. The rest I bought on Ebay and Facebook buy, sell, trade pages that were created just for the Lilly Pulitzer Target collaboration items to be sold and traded. I am a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer, so I bought EVERY. SINGLE. DRESS. It took me close to 6 months to obtain the dresses, as some were priced far surpassing the retail price on EBay. The prices came down after the hype died down and some time passed. Like I said, I purchased all the dresses, but it wasn’t done in one day. It took months of searching and waiting for the prices to drop.

Last year the designer collaboration sale was not as successful. It took several weeks for the Target store to sell out of the designer duds. When they sell out in hours, you know it’s a success, when it takes weeks, it’s not considered so successful. I was not a fan of Marimekko, so I didn’t buy anything from the Target designer collaboration.

This year the Target designer collaboration was done with Victoria Beckham! The items will be on their website and in stores this Sunday, April 9th, 2017. If it is anything like the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target, the website can’t be relied upon to get the items you want. You will need to get to your local Target before the doors even open. I have a couple of dresses in mind that I would like to buy from this sale, but we shall see how crowded my local Target is on Sunday morning. Here are my top 4 picks:

You may be wondering how many Victoria Beckham items I currently own from her regular designer line. And my answer is none. They are expensive! https://www.victoriabeckham.com/victoria-victoria-beckham/. I would love to own some of her designer dresses, but I also want to send my kids to college. Here are some of the dresses from her site that are currently for sale. Take note of the prices, keeping in mind the Victoria Beckham for Target dresses I want to buy range from $35-$40.

Now you can see why there is sure to be ladies waiting at the door before Target opens on Sunday morning. It is so wonderful that Target does this collaboration with a designer each year! Here is the link to the Target site, so you can see all of items for sale on Sunday: http://www.target.com/c/victoria-beckham-for-target/-/N-4rgjd. Target has gone above and beyond for this collaboration, as always. There will be plus sized clothing options, girls, and baby clothing too! This is why I am a fan of Target. They aren’t just selling to the size 2 women out there. They are making these designer clothes for women of all sizes, babies, and children. Here are some of the clothing items that will be available on Sunday (just to give you an idea of the look, as there is far more on the Target site):

Take note, some of the girls and womens dresses are the same! They match! If you are like me and enjoy matching you little girl on occasion, then don’t miss this shopping opportunity. I plan to pick up some dresses for Brielle that will match the dresses I buy for myself.

Just remember, if your Target is crowded on Sunday morning and everyone wants to buy Victoria Beckham, please be polite. It’s just clothing, so there is no need for rudeness while shopping. That sucks the joy out of the shopping experience. I will be there on Sunday, all smiles, ready to see and shop this line of clothing with fellow shoppers. Good luck and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.