If you are wondering what to put in your kid’s Easter baskets this year I can help you out. I will share what my kids will have in theirs this year.

My sister Rachel helped me on this topic, as I asked for her advise on what to put in their baskets. I know my kids will be excited on Easter morning! Here are the 12 items going into their baskets:

1. Movies for our road trips. I asked on Facebook for help on what movies to get for my kids. Thank you to all who chimed in on my posting and gave me some great tips! These were five movies we didn’t own yet and were the most recommended on Facebook (from my friends)- Finding Dory, The Incredibles, Horton Hears a Who, Trolls, and Home. 

2. Pool toys! Another good thing to put in Easter baskets is bathing suits and pool towels. It’s that time of year here in TX where we are opening up our pools again for summer. 

3. Sidewalk chalk stencils. My sister Rachel gave me this tip. She is always in the know on the cool kid items. She said her girls love playing with sidewalk chalk stencils. My kids use chalk almost everyday in our courtyard area, so this will add to their fun! I picked this up on Amazon: https://alexa.design/2oYJ69n

4. Sidewalk paint. My sister Rachel told me about this one too! I found these at Target. You can also order on Amazon: https://alexa.design/2oSlMdM

5. Stuffed bunnies. These came from Ikea. My kids LOVE stuffed animals. Ikea has awesome prices on their stuffed toys, just an FYI.

6. Coloring books. My kids go through coloring sheets and books like they are water. They are always excited for new books!

7. Electric toothbrushes. My kids love to brush their teeth. I know, it’s weird. They apparently missed the memo that kids aren’t supposed to like brushing their teeth. We go through a lot of tooth brushes in a year. Their favorite are the electric ones, but I don’t always buy them. I picked these up at Walmart for about $5 each.

8. Cars. My boys love toys cars. Enough said.

9. Shopkins. Brielle is into Shopkins. It is very popular among little girls. I picked up just a few small items from Walmart.

10. Littlest Pet Shop. Brielle is also into Littlest Pet Shop, which is also a favorite collectible toy among little girls.

11. Playdoh. There is nothing like fresh playdoh. After using Playdoh for a while it gets dried out and yucky. My kids get excited for new Playdoh. Walmart has them on sale for 50 cents a package. They also had some great neon colors for spring.

12. Candy. Yes, they get candy. That’s part of the fun of an Easter basket! Oh, and little wind up chicks too.

Previous years I have also put Easter books in their baskets. If you missed my last blog posting about Easter, I recommended the Max Lucado Easter book for kids, which is also great to put in your kid’s Easter basket. The book is mentioned in this posting: The True Meaning of Easter