My husband has a saying “If I can put on a suit and tie during the week for clients, I can certainly give God the same respect on Sundays”. We dress up for church. Not only because of our respect for God and his church, but I personally enjoy dressing up. If dressing up for church isn’t your thing then no big deal! Don’t let what you want to wear to church ever prevent you from going to church. I believe that God would rather have you show up in sweats then not show up at all. With all that being said, for those who DO enjoy dressing up for Easter and church in general I have some great tips.

Lace dresses, florals, and all things feminine are in this spring! It makes me want to do a happy dance! If you have ever seen the movie Stepford Wives (the newer version) the style from that movie is the epitome of feminine style and I love it. This spring so much of that feminine style is on the market! Lace overlay dresses are one of my favorites for the current trends. I wore an Antonio Melani dress for our Moms of Multiples Easter Egg hunt this past weekend. This designer has a variety of lace dresses available for this spring season: Antonio Melani Lace Dresses.

For some other price points on lace dresses you can check out TJMaxx online: TJMAXX Lace Dresses. I like shopping TJMaxx online because I can return items I don’t like or that don’t fit in their store locations. No need to pay for return shipping! Here are just a few of the lace dresses currently on their site.

One thing I do have to say is that the good stuff sells out within a few days on the TJMaxx, so if you have your eye on something and you don’t buy it that day it may be gone the next time you go to the site.

Another place I have found lace dresses at a decent price point is JCPenny: JCPenny Lace Dresses. Here are some of the dresses I liked on their site that I would wear.

For the Easter Egg hunt last weekend I also wore a white hat and white pashmina (it started out a bit cool).

The hat I wore I have had for years and is made of sinamay. Sinamay hats are my favorite. You might be wondering what that word means. It is a stiff woven material that comes from a specific banana palm tree in the Philippines. It is durable and when used for hats it is very rigid, so it keeps its shape. Quality hats are made from sinamay. It lasts for years, because it is such a durable, yet natural material. It’s not easy to find fancy hats, but if you use the search term sinamay hats online (ebay, Amazon, and google) you can find an assortment of beautiful hats come up. I noticed Nordstrom online has a few beautiful sinamay hats right now. You can order from Nordstrom online and do free returns in their regular store or at their Nordstrom Rack locations.

My necklace and earrings came from 12 Gate Pearls, which is a business owned by my friend Susan. I have owned this set for a few years and love them. Susan went to Bejing a few years back and bought these pearls herself! They are gorgeous and a fraction of the price of what you would pay at a department store. I am all for a bargain price AND real pearls! Here is the link to her Facebook jewelry page:

Here is just one necklace from her site: