Our Easter weekend started out with an Easter egg hunt and Brunch at  our home for the entire neighborhood. I am on the social committee for our neighborhood association and I volunteered to host this event in our backyard. It was a fun morning and a great occasion for enjoying time with our neighbors. We even brought the chicks out to visit with everyone and the kids enjoyed holding them. If you missed my previous blog posting about how to host an Easter egg hunt you can find it here: How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt.

After the Easter event ended I headed straight to Winewood in Grapevine, TX to celebrate my friend Dana’s 40th birthday. I love Dana. She and her husband head up the couple’s bible study we attend. She is so sweet, genuine, and loving, that women naturally gravitate to her. She is a model for how women should act in friendships; which is why she had so many wonderful women there to celebrate her birthday. She is loved by many! God gave her the gift of loving fellow women in such a genuine way that she is a friend of many. Her celebration was a beautiful event. As I was sitting there looking around the room at all these women I was thankful to be one of them who call Dana my dear friend as well.

Dana and I

Easter morning started early in our home. It was 6am when our kids discovered the eggs hidden around the living room and their excitement woke me up. It was sweet seeing their genuine excitement. After they spent some time investigating the contents of their Easter baskets and eating some candy before breakfast we then got ready and headed to church. Here is the photo we snapped before church. The kids’ outfits are Well Dressed Wolf. I often blog about style, so if you want to know about this unique and sought after adorable clothing line check out my previous blog posting: Well Dressed Wolf Mania.

We love our church, which is Gateway Church in Southlake. They had portrait areas set up in the church, so we got some photos of the kids this morning. 

The church service was a blessing to me this morning. Sandi Patty and Larnell Harris were live at our church this morning to sing! Seriously amazing Easter morning worship service!! I didn’t take any photos myself, but I found these on the Gateway Church Facebook page:

Sandi Patty is one of the most talented Christian musicians of all time. Today I was incredibly blessed when I got to hear her sing “Via Dolorosa”. This is my all time favorite song at Easter time. I love it so much I recorded and posted it on my blog last year on Good Friday: Good Friday.

I am so thankful for this Easter. Not only because it is the celebration of Jesus and his resurrection, which is why we can go to Heaven someday, but also because of the family he has given me. After I was divorced at 30 I never thought I would be able to have the “fairy tale”- good husband and children of my own. I am so thankful God had better plans than I had for myself. God gave me a wonderful husband and children for which I am so thankful. Life is not a “fairy tale”, but there are moments within days like today that it does feel too good to be true. I thank God for the moments and special days he has given us, and more importantly the family he has provided. It happened because of God’s provision. Life is a miracle in itself. One that God gives us. I hope you too can recognize the people God has blessed you with in your life and be thankful on this Easter Sunday. God is so good! Happy Easter to you and your family.