Jesus is my Super Hero. I am not saying this in a blasphemous way. I am saying he is a legitimate Super Hero. He not only performs miracles and raises people from the dead, but he himself died on the cross and rose from the grave 3 days later. Oh, and he is the son of God. That alone qualifies him as the ultimate Super Hero here on earth. We allow our kids to adore and worship Super Heros. Isn’t it time we point them back to the ultimate Super Hero who is Jesus?

With these thoughts in mind I wrote a song about a month ago called Jesus is my Super Hero. It’s a bible song for preschool aged kids. I recorded this song and two other last weekend thanks to the help and amazing talents of my friends Jared and Bing. I will be heading up the White’s Chapel preschool VBS music this summer like I did last year. This year I will have some original songs for the kids to sing. The songs the big kids were singing in the regular VBS program were original songs last year, but they were so complicated there was no way the preschool kids would be able to learn them. I was given creative freedom to select songs that were more appropriate for preschool ages; so we sang songs like “Jesus Love Me”, “I’m in the Lords Army”, and “J-E-S-U-S”. This year I will add in the original songs we recorded this last weekend. I wrote one song and Bing wrote the other two songs we recorded. Bing has an amazing heart and love for Jesus and for people. The words from his songs are so sweet and perfect for children to be singing. For example, from one of Bing’s songs the lyrics read “worship the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, worship the Lord with all you have, heart, mind, and soul”. These are words from the Bible as Jesus taught this message so clearly in the book of Matthew. I will be sharing the other two songs on my blog soon. For now, I can share “Jesus is my Super Hero”:

For this song Bing is on guitar, Jared is on the bass guitar and piano (that’s the magic of recording), and I am on vocals. Copyright JBM Productions (Jared, Bing, Magdalena).

Thank you Jared for recording and mixing the song! I am so thankful these gentlemen shared their talents so this song and the others can be sung by children this summer. I am happy to share it with others who would like to use it as well.



Bing and Magdalena