I love fascinators. I wear hats on a regular basis and have for my entire adult life. I began wearing fascinators about 5 years ago and found that I may just like them even more than hats. The wonderful thing about fascinators is that they look good on almost all women. Hats don’t work for everyone, but fascinators really do. It’s because they don’t cover your entire head. They are more of an accent that is fastened to one side of your head. In my case, almost all of my fascinators are on headbands which make them very easy to wear. I have purchased them in boutiques, from Etsy, Amazon, and EBay. I have a growing collection of them because they are fun. I wear them to church, dressy social functions, some cocktail parties, and charity events. They are very easy to wear and I don’t get the “hat head” effect that I would otherwise get from a hat.

Now that Kate Middleton is wearing them on a regular basis they have become even more popular in recent years.

It is remarkable how elegant a fascinator can make anyone look! They are fun to wear, easy to put on if they are on a headband, and they make you look fancy in an instant! The other great thing about fascinators is that they are typically much more reasonably priced in comparison to derby style hats. For some more detail on fascinators and how to wear them check out this website (below is some info from their site as well): http://thehatstore.com.au/blog/how-to-wear-a-fascinator/#.WP4mDVROmhA

Brielle and I both wore fascinators this Sunday to church. Here is a photo Justin took of us:

I want to share the joy of fascinators with others for Mother’s Day. You don’t need to be a Mom to take part in the giveaway. I am giving away a set of fascinators to one lucky winner. If you are a Mom then you will get a matching fascinator for each of your daughters. If you are not a Mom, I will send you one for yourself and one for you to give to someone special (a niece, God daughter, etc).

Here is the ladies fascinator I will be giving away (it is on a removable headband with a clip, so it can be worn either way):

Below is the girl fascinator I am giving away. It will fit young children, teens, and even young adults. It is the same as the one Brielle wore this weekend. I tried it on and it fits both of us! I have enough for up to 5 daughters in a family. If you have a lot of girls in your household, you will want to participate in this giveaway, as it would be perfect for Mother’s Day!

To participate in this giveaway you must go to the Living Joy Daily Facebook page and follow the instructions for entering the drawing:


The drawing will happen Sunday, April 30th via Facebook Live.