I am a strong believer in the practices and success of life coaching. I had a Life Coaching practice on Fifth Ave. in Naples for a few years (in the mid 2000’s), before I met and married my husband Justin. I had my doctorate in Psychology and Life Coaching was becoming a popular trend around the country. I am a strong believer in the benefits of Life Coaching. It is not counseling. It is having someone ask you the right, directed questions so you can gain insight about yourself and come to your own conclusions and solutions. It is meant to be a positive experience where you can walk away from each session feeling that you had a gain or a win.

I recently had a Life Coaching session with Emily, who I met at the Glory Gals retreat a few years back. Our session last week was extremely beneficial to me! She helped me lay out some goals, deadlines, and work flow so that I can finish my book revisions to get it to an agent by June. I am so thankful for her help! I will be hiring her after my submission to agents, so I can follow up and work on some more goals moving forward. Her enthusiasm, genuine care, and intelligent questions helped make the session go by in a heartbeat and great plans were made. It was a wonderful phone conversation, but one with great purpose and direction. I think Life Coaching is very everyone, whatever phase of life or season you are experiencing Life Coaching can be very beneficial to you!

She shared this verse and statement below with me, so I am going to share it with you as well, as it is a wise Proverb:

“Proverbs 20: 5 says “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” I love exploring where thoughts are coming from and whether they are building us up or tearing us down.”

Emily is generously giving away a Life Coaching package to a follower on the Living Joy Daily Facebook page. She is giving away away an “All About You” session:

Here is what she said about the “All About You” package:

“I’d like to give away an “All About You” session where we focus on personality style. It’s a $150 value. The winner will receive a 60 minute session where we focus on their personality and how it affects each area of their lives. By understanding that others are not wrong, just different, we are able to thrive in our relationships. Some of us are fast paced while others like to take time think things through. Some people are strictly task oriented while others are more relational. We’ll highlight the positives and discuss strategies to minimize the weaknesses of their personality style. The recipient will have a better understanding of themselves and discover which environments they thrive.”

She is also providing a deep discount to the first five people to contact her. These five individials will get the “All About You” package at half price for $75. To contact her you can email her emilylifecoach@gmail.com. You can also check out her website at: http://www.emilylifecoach.com

Here is some more great info from her Life Coaching page: 

Most of us spend money on improving our outside with hair appointments, nail appointments, spray tanning (no, just me?), and a multitude of other things. Isn’t it about time you invest in your future with some directed goal setting, pursuit of your heart’s desires, and uncovering your passion and purpose for life? Invest in yourself for a better tomorrow. Now is the best time to start. I highly recommend Emily based on my personal experience with her. I will be purchasing a package from her myself, as I believe in Life Coaching practices and more importantly, her abilities as a Life Coach.

If you want to be entered to win the “All About Me” Life Coaching package from Emily you need to like her Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/emilylifecoach/?tsid=0.8615165190528734&source=typeahead

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The drawing will happen via Facebook live on April 30, 2017.