The second song JBM Productions (Jared, Bing, and Magdalena) recorded a few weeks ago was a beautiful song that Bing wrote a number of years back. (Did I mention that day we got together, we learned and recorded 3 songs in 3 hours?). Bing had been saving this particular song for the right occasion. It is a perfect song for preschool children to sing at VBS, as the words are simple, the melody is catchy and it is a lovely song that will appeal to preschool children. This song is called “Learning All About Jesus”, copyright of Bing B, as he wrote the music and lyrics.  Hope you enjoy this song that was recorded to be sung by preschool children at VBS, Sunday School Class, MOPS, and so forth. I think Bing did a wonderful job writing the song. Jared added an electrical guitar into the mix and made it even better!