I own several scuba midi dresses. They are a popular style you can find from designers like ECI, Ted Baker, Betsy Johnson, CeCe, and Vince Camuto. I like to call these dresses “must wear Spanx dresses”. They are not very forgiving, so bodywear to keep things smooth and flat is a must. Because heaven forbid you eat a meal while wearing one of these dresses, you don’t want to look like you may or may not be pregnant.

You may be wondering what scuba and midi mean? Midi dresses are dresses that are mid length. They fall between the ankle and knee. Scuba refers to a material. It is a thicker material that may even contain neoprene. It has the feel of scuba wear, but of course not as thick or bulky compared to a wetsuit. Yes, this is a real trend. Ted Baker is quite successful in making and selling these scuba dresses, which are definitely higher end items. Below are some Ted Baker scuba midi dresses along with some other brands I thought were really nice. I own both ECI and Ted Baker. The ECI is not nearly as high quality as Ted Baker, but it still has the same look when wearing. I cropped the screen shots to still include the websites, so you know where to find these particular dresses:

My sister Rachel gave me this Ted Baker dress for my birthday in December. Thank you Rachel, I love it!!

Here is me wearing one of the ECI dresses I own a few weeks ago. I wore this one with high heel, knee high, back suede boots.