They are only little once! Kids grow up too fast. My little girl is now 5 and she loves dressing up, pretending she is a princess, and being a girly-girl. I know that she will eventually grow up and she won’t want to dress up like a fairy princess, but until then I will embrace her being a little girl. She only gets to be little once!

Brielle is excited on mail days when a new dress arrives in the mail for her. This week we had a very pretty mint green dress arrive from the Only Little Once Facebook page. I am a regular shopper on this site. I stalk their page at least once a week to see what kind of pre-order deals they have going on. Sometimes they have ready to ship items, but typically items are pre-order, so they take a few weeks to arrive. I don’t mind the wait, because the deals are always really good and every piece of clothing I have gotten from them has been beautiful!

Here is the link to the Only Little Once (OLO) Facebook page-

You order items by commenting on an item and if it is available in the size your want, then you post your email address. You will then get a Paypal invoice for the item you want. Super easy way to shop!

Here is Brielle in the dress that arrived this week. She wore it on Saturday to our babysitter Spenser’s graduation brunch and then to our twin friends Summer and Skylar’s birthday party.

My sister Rachel and I bought the same dresses for Easter for our little girls from the OLO Facebook page. Brielle wore hers for an Easter egg hunt, to church, and then for the baby shower for Justin and Katsuree recently. All three girls matched at the baby shower and they all three love this dress!

Here are some of the dresses currently posted on the OLO Facebook page. I love sharing great deals and beautiful clothing!

Here is some info from the OLO Facebook page:


This week I have two giveaways happening and this one is the first! It is a $20 credit towards the Only Little Once Facebook page. All you have to do to be entered is join their Facebook group page:

Once you like their page, then comment joined/liked on the Living Joy Daily Facebook group page under the posting for this article, so that I know you liked/joined their group page. Here is the link to my page:

The giveaway will happen on the Living Joy Daily Facebook page on Sunday June 4th, 2017.