My twins can be a little Wild and crazy. They are full of energy and together they are most mischievous. They are fun, but sometimes they can be a danger to themselves.

Last year while on our first trip to the National Parks that summer (we did two trips and 7 parks total) Charlie got a bit injured one night. We shared a beautiful home in Westcliffe, Colorado with our friends  Elizabeth and Phillip Our Trip to Colorado: Part 3 The Great Sand Dunes One night after we got our six kids between us to bed we went to the main living room for some snacks and refreshments for the adults (yes, wine). It wasn’t too long thereafter that I heard some noise coming from downstairs and crying. That happened occasionally, as they were only 2.5 last year and they would wake and fuss sometimes and then go back to sleep. The fussing stopped and I figured all was well. I went to bed myself a little while later. I kept the door open from the next room for some light as I checked on the kids.

I kinda started to freak out when I saw Charlie’s face. He had dried blood and cuts all over his face. I couldn’t figure it out at first but knew he found something sharp in the room. This little guy is so smart he unzipped my suitcase got out my bathroom bag (from the far bottom of the suitcase). He then unzipped my bathroom case and found my razor on the inside zipper pocket. What is amazing is that everything was all zipped up and back inside the suitcase, so how do I know for sure he had used my razor? There was blood all over my razor. The next day I also noticed dried blood all over my deodorant. Why??? We use a sunblock that goes onto the face and it looks like a stick of deodorant. Apparently after Charlie shaved his face he thought it was a good idea to put what he thought was sunblock on his face.

For our next trip we had a better solution. We had purchased the PeaPod travel systems for each of the boys. They worked like a charm! They were zipped into these little single tents each night for their own safety.

I was concerned about what we would do for our road trips this summer, as they outgrew their PeaPods. Then I found that they sell a PeaPod PLUS! This little bed tent goes up to 5 years old. Since they are only 3, they have plenty of space and room to grow.

They love these tents and they think it is a treat to sleep in them. Thank goodness because I don’t want to have to worry about what these boys can get into at night.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon with some info below:

I love the PeaPod. It zips into a compact case and folds up in less than a minute. When you unzip it from its case it opens on its own in just seconds. It has a mattress that is zipped into the underside so you can remove for cleaning.

These things have made my life a lot easier for travel with my twins!! We also don’t need to worry about including them in the bed count when we rent a home. These are their beds!