My kids each have their own tablet. I am thankful my kids prefer to be outside playing over television or videos. I have very active kids. Evenings when they are winding down for bed and when we are going on road trips I am thankful for these tablets and that they each have their own. Less fighting, more quiet is good for parental sanity.

Our kids used to utilize our old IPads. However after paying over $100 to replace screens several times, we found a new device that works even better for kids and is cheaper than paying for a screen replacement!

It is the Fire HD Kid’s Edition.

We bought them on Amazon for under $90 each. What’s even better is the new device we are using is guaranteed not to break! They will replace it free if it breaks in the first two years. It also comes with a super tough and durable case. My kids have dropped them more times than I can count and we haven’t had any of the three break yet!

It has parental controls and you can even set things like shut off times on the device. It also comes with lots of free content from Amazon. You can also download movies, shows, and games that way the device can be used without Wi-fi. It is super easy to use, as my 3.5 year old twins can navigate these devices without any help.

Here is some of the info from Amazon about the device including an informative review:

I am thankful they are making afforadable tablets that are geared for kids! It’s nice to know they are safer than using IPads and other devices too.