Yesterday was day 10 of our 4,500 mile Epic Road Trip- Our Late Start to Summer.

We were at Yosemite the day before and traveled that evening to Pahrumph to stay there for our visit to Death Valley National Park. This park is known for the extreme heat. The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was recorded here in a July at 134 degrees. Yesterday it was 124 degrees while we were there! Death Valley is also known as the driest place in the United States as well as the lowest point in the US.

I looked at for the Top 10 sites in Death Valley National Park. We visited the top 5. This National Park is large, with over 300 miles of paved roads. You can spend days here without seeing all of the park.

Here are the top 5 spots to visit in Death Valley, as recommended via TripAdvisor:

1. Dante’s View

The drive up the mountain for this view was an experience in itself! Once you get to the top you will not be disappointed. This mountaintop has some awesome panoramic views of Death Valley. Here are the photos we took at Dante’s View.

2. Zabriskie Point

This was actually our first stop before we even made it to the visitor’s center. We all got out and hiked several hundred yards up to this point, which was a hot hike to say the least! 

3. Badwater

This is the lowest point in the United States at 282 feet below sea level.  There are vast salt flats in this basin. It is also the hottest spot in Death Valley. I don’t recommend any hiking during the summer, but I imagine a hike here in cooler months would be amazing!

4. & 5. Artist’s Drive and Artist’s Pallette

I combined these two because you will come up on Artist’s Pallette as you drive the 8 mile scenic road of Artist’s Drive. Great views here and the windy, roller coaster of a roadway is newly paved too! Great place for some photos and scenic drive. Here are the photos and video we took: 

video to come as soon as we get a better internet connection!