The total solar eclipse is happening tomorrow. It is significant because the last time we had a total solar eclipse cover the nation from coast to coast was 1918 according to this helpful site about the eclipses:

It is dangerous to look directly at the eclipse. It can actually burn your retina and cause blindness! Here is a video that is under 5 minutes by CBS that does a great job explaining this phenomenon.

Basically, it is dangerous to your eyes to stare at the sun anytime. However, with the phenomenon of the eclipse it makes people want to stare at the sun even more. Human curiosity and interest outweighs our natural instinct to protect our eyes. Therefore, be prepared, so that you aren’t tempted to take a lingering look and damage your eyes. It can cause a permanent burn on your retina. Like a tattoo of the eclipse on your retina. Not cool, if it causes blindness.

Here is a one minute video on how to make a simple viewer using a cereal box. Remember to have your back to the eclipse when using this viewer. The box works as a projector. Here is the link:

We made our viewer this afternoon and it took less than 5 minutes! Super easy! Remember, you can always watch online or on TV and it will not damage your eyes. I am sure there will be some postings on social media tomorrow from NASA and other organizations. I plan to watch via our viewer and then see it again on video later.