Did you know that a variety of animals can be used for therapy?  Dogs are most commonly used as therapy animals over other types of animals. However horses, rabbits, cats, and even chickens can be used as therapy animals. I hadn’t thought of our chickens as therputic until Brielle’s month long partial hospitalization this summer. She was allowed to come home each night to spend the night at home and the first thing she wanted to do when she got home was go out and hold her chickens. She cares for them as though she is their Mom. She is a good chicken Mommy and she adores these chickens. She has a bond with them I didn’t know was even possible. I am so thankful we hatched these fuzzy creatures this spring, as they have been great emotional therapy for Brielle. Psychology Today even had an aricle about chickens being therapy animals- https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/open-gently/201608/chickens-can-be-therapy-animals

Such a cool thing to know about chickens! If I could recommend a specific breed of chickens for therpy it would be Silkie chickens. They are known as the “lap dog of chickens”. If they are properly socialized as chicks they enjoy being held and played with, just as a dog or cat enjoys such handling.  We have very social Silkies who can be held by anyone! They are now fully grown and they have been a joy to our family and especially to Brielle!