Every time I hear the word pivot I instantly replay the episode of Friends where Ross is yelling at Rachel and Chandler to pivot as they carry his new couch up the stairs to his apartment. He is yelling at them to pivot to go around the corner, but the pivot maneuver is so difficult the couch gets completely stuck. (Yes, I have seen far too many episodes of Friends- like each season twice).

Sometimes our pivot in life can seem so difficult that we get stuck. I am having a pivot moment, but I am thankful God has given me joy in the pivot. I have definite clarity in my pivot, which makes life (and pivoting) easier, even if it is going to be extensive work.

I attended the Declare Conference the past few days. It is a Christian Women’s writing conference.

I was able to pitch my book to three book agents and one publishing company. I walked away encouraged, uplifted, and motivated to pivot. The clear message from all four of my interviews was the following:

#1- Memoirs don’t sell (ok sometimes they do, but it’s rare). Publishing companies shy away from them because the buying market is slim for this category. Is it possible for me to get an agent and to sell my story? Yes. The problem is that a memoir has a smaller reach compared to a self help book. I want my book to help as many people as possible, so if changing genres will help, then I will change.

#2- “Life Hack” style writing sells. Which is great news, because I do this! I thrive on this style of writing because it’s purposeful, insightful, directed writing that points readers to the specific “Why” and “How” on any given subject.

#3- Having a doctorate in the writing world is a good thing! I loved school, thank the Lord! I would have several PhDs given the time and opportunity because I genuinely enjoy academia. (Yes, I know to many of you this is wierd and I am a nerd).

#4- Platform matters. I am thankful to LifeHack.org for the opportunity to write for them. I am passionate about helping people improve their lives if that is what they seek. LifeHack gives me the platform to help people who are seeking positive change in their lives. I am also thankful for my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/245329795925427/. We hit 15,000 group members this summer- thank you Jesus and all the people in the group who made it happen!

Based on my takeaway from the past few days I am going to pivot. The memoir will be reworked to fit the self help market. God has provided great clarity on this matter and I am going to be doing some rewriting. In fact, He provided insight into the new chapter titles and book layout before I even left the conference. I will be able to utilize content and stories from the memoir, but it will be far more user friendly than the current book.

I am so thankful for the women at the Declare Conference. It was such a meaningful and insightful few days. God was at work there and my heart and mind were both greatly affected. Thank you Jesus for fellow Christian women who want to speak truth and life into this world!

If you want to get the pivot word stuck in your head with Ross saying it for the rest of your life then watch this clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R2u0sN9stbA