Recently on a local Mom forum for the town of Southlake I purchased some earrings and bracelets to support teens going on a mission trip. I was impressed with the quality of the jewelry and the fact that they are made from vintage Louis Vuitton purses. I was even more impressed with the reason this Mom is making this jewelry. She is helping her daughter and other teens at their church raise funds to go on a mission trip to Thailand. I asked if I could meet with this Mom and her daughter Lindsey, so they could share their story with me.

A pair of earrings is only $25.

In June, Jennifer, her daughter Lindsey, along with six other students and adults will be headed to Thailand for a mission trip. They will be partnering with a local church in Thailand and will also be working in the schools to teach English. The church there is helping with the costs of their trip by providing meals and in country partnerships so they get local pricing rather than tourist pricing. These teens have a connection to Thailand, as their Pastor’s wife, here in Southlake, grew up as a missionary kid raised in Thailand. She fluently speaks their language, which is very helpful! The cost for all seven teens to go on this ten day journey is $14,000. Since these teens are young and not employed (Lindsey is only in 7th grade) they are all helping to make the jewelry that is sold. Tonight the entire group is gathering to help cut up more leather to make more jewelry.

These bracelets are $30 each. They look great stacked too. I have two on right now myself. The top two show the front side of the bracelet, the bottom two are the back side of two bracelets.

Jennifer had been selling the jewelry only locally, until now. She just set up a website so that the jewelry can be ordered online and shipped to you! This is a great way to buy real Louis Vuitton and also support kids that are going on a mission trip. Anything that they raise over and above their trip costs will go to help the church in Thailand. The adults are all paying their own way on this trip. I think this is a great way for these kids to raise these funds! It is also even better that the jewelry is beautiful, high quality, and will be in style for years to come. Louis Vuitton never goes out of style and has been around for more than 100 years with the same monogram pattern. I have gotten many compliments on the jewelry every time I wear it. It also makes for great gifts! Think about your mom, sisters, and friends and their upcoming birthdays. It is never too early to buy ahead and have it on hand, ready for the giving! Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner too.

Please consider placing an order and supporting these teens. Check out the website now:

Big key chain is $150. Small key chain is $40.

This large bracelet is $50.

I am giving away a pair of these earring on the Living Joy Daily Facebook page. Just share the posting and comment shared on the Facebook page under the posting for this article and you are entered! Giveaway to happen January 14th. Here is the link to the Facebook group page: