Valentine’s Day is fun for a kid! I remember the excitement of getting Valentines from my school friends each year in grade school. When I was a kid almost everyone stuck to the simple perforated edge Valentines where you signed your name, stuffed in into an envelope, and then added a few pieces of small candy into the envelope. While these Valentines are still available and used by many families there are many others that are getting a bit more creative. Our family does creative Valentines, but I also like easy projects. I am sharing my easy projects so you easily replicate these fun and special Valentines that your little one is sure to remember making and giving out to their friends.

This year for Valentine’s Day Brielle wanted all of her cards to her classmates to be made by her. We found some foam art kits at Walmart. They turned out perfect and they weren’t too time consuming since it is simply foam stickers.

On the backside of the Valentines she signed her name and drew some special art for each of her classmates. Mostly a lot of hearts were drawn. We included a candy heart box for each classmate along with this neat balloon in a packet. You smack the packet and a small balloon blows up on its own and pops out of the packet. Pretty neat thing from the dollar tree and they come in a pack of 4 for only $1.


Mini Balloon that self-inflated and came out of a small Valentine packet. They are from the Dollar Tree and come in a 4 pack for $1. These were a hit with my own kids!

I purchased festive paper bags for Brielle’s Valentine’s. They were only 26 cents each at Walmart.

For the twins Valentines I made my life easy by purchasing these little packs that have crayons and color poster sheets. I will simply tape a piece of candy to the front of each of these little packs. I found these at Walmart. My boys picked Paw Patrol and Cars designs. They are excited to give these to their classmates at preschool!

Two years ago I wrote about candy free Valentines our family made.

These were great and easy to make with one stop shopping at the Dollar Tree. Here is the blog posting: The Best Candy Free Valentines!

Another fun Valentine I made last year was this one: Free Valentine Download for Cute Last Minute Valentines!

I created a printable for this one that is free for you to use, simply click on the link above for that blog posting.

Happy Valentine’s Day!