I think life hacks are great. They help provide a better, typically easier way of doing things in life. For Moms these tips and hacks are always appreciated when shared because who doesn’t like to make things easier in life when possible? Our MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) of White’s Chapel in Southlake recently had a mom hack sharing session. I thought they were all great!! Many I already implement in my my life, but a few were new and welcomed advice. Thank you ladies for sharing your mommin’ expertise and hacks! Thank you also to our group co-leader Chelsea for giving me the Ok to publish this list from our group collaboration (congrats to our other co-leader Lauren on the birth of her son since the meeting!!)

Mom Hacks – WC Mops 2018 Edition
1. Wednesday night dinner at White’s Chapel (many churches offer a weekly dinner for a great price)
2. Instapot – and Sois Vide, wifi enabled one
3. Costco Meals-put in the oven and you’re done
4. Central Market – and kids eat free on Tuesday nights
5. Grocery Pick-Up – and Wal Mart will price match
6. Giving your children experiences/trips over bday parties
7. Checklists for organizing/cleaning
8. Shoe bins for each child/members of household
9. Stuffed animal canopy
10. Toy stations (ex: barbies in one area, legos in another)
11. Use a marker to mark off when you’ve given medication
12. Instacart
13. Using scissors for cutting kids food
14. Door Monkey (locks top of door/ex. Pantry) See my posting here for info the Door Monkey: Keeping My Toddlers Safe at Night- My Tips and Tricks

15. Place a basket by your exit door with essentials
16. Snack boxes in car/travel basket with entertainment
17. Using disposable plates
18. Don’t bathe your kids everyday
19. Assign colors to each child—ex. Molly/pink plates and cups
20. Hanging organizer with 5 compartments-use to organize kid’s clothes for M-F
21. Anylist app for running lists—can be shared so others can add to the list
22. Amazon Fresh
23. Alexa for grocery list
24. Thrive-for dry goods delivered to your house
25. Dress your kids the night before if they’re wearing athleisure; set out on dresser otherwise
26. Muffin Top Tin for breakfast
27. Use an old T-shirt as a smock bib—cut off sleeves
28. Layer mattress with extra sheets in case of accidents
29. Organize Legos by color or set
30. Sliced apples at Costco-big time saver
31. Place extra plastic bags under original liner in trash can to replace when full
32. Touch Note App
33. Take a pic of your child’s art work/school work to save
34. Have 1 bin for each child’s yearly work, separate by year with folders
35. Everything has a place!

I hope you like these mom hacks! Please feel free to share some of your own if you have one that is not on the list.

I am a huge fan of the policy “everything has a place”, which is why we use the bin method for organization in our home. Here is the blog postings on that topic, so you can do the bin method too!

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